In 1988, two fresh tourist guides shared a dream. Their dream was offering the world the opportunity to explore a country of rich nature and history: Turkey. Now their dream has been fulfilled and these two gentlemen, Mr. Süha Sunay & Mr. Serhat Kutlu are the owners of Venus Tourism. As their business blossomed over the years, they stretched out their arms and embraced Canada, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the United States, Ukraine and Russia.

This century has enhanced time management and travelers may wish to merge their vacation & business itineraries. They may even need to pray and worship during their trips. While some enjoy traveling among groups, others prefer private tours. These groups may be at various sizes. It may even be a single person. Having seized the holistic approach, Venus designs & operates incentives, conventions, event management and religious tours along with regular touring, transportation and accommodation services for groups of any dimension.

Venus team has had various opportunities to practice ground handling operations and events management with significantly wide organizations as well.

The Destination was a success because it was Turkey.
The Events were successfully managed because it was the Venus Tourism Team.
When you ask them why, Venus replies: This is not just a job to us, we do what we love to do.