Scenic Köyceğiz lake, located near to Dalaman Airport (Mugla)and within convenient distantce of Fethiye, Izmir is well known for its natural hot springs and mud baths. Situated next to a channel between Koycegiz Lake and Meditteranean Sea , the Rıza Cavus Ter mal Baths form a water pool a mud pond and a mud pond, with a flow rate of abaut eigth liters per second. The mud and mineral baths can accommodate, 1,000 persons per day. A second spring, Velibey Thermal Baths, is located 1,5 km north of Rıza cavus has similar qualities and a flow rate of 20 liters per second.

Physico-chemical characteristics and indications:

The Rıza Cavus natural hot springs contain sodium chloride, hydrogen sulfur, bromide, fluoride, natural radio active (3,770picocuri/liter= 139 bekerel /liter) with a total salt and mineral content of 28 gr/liter. Temperature of the mud and water is 30 to 3800 and PH about 6.5.

Having very attractive physlo -chemical qualities, these hot springs are good for the treatment of rheumatic, dermatological and gynecological diseases, as well as neurological and physical exhaustion.The Köycegiz baths do not offer overnight accomodation.

But  in the same region at Dalaman (Mugla) a newly founded spa hotel Thermemaris, which is situated in an area covering 25,000sq.m. along the coast where natural water resources are found and where Nile turtles live.

**Thermamaris , natural sulphurous water is used both in the the swimming pool section which is situated within the 25,000s.qm of the hotel that has a water glider and also for mud baths along with other similar services. The sulphurous water has a PH value of 6,2 and is close to the optimum in terms of acids and alkalis. Apart from its richness in terms of iron ,mangenes and nickel, the sulphurous mud that cotains a rate of 27% which is used in the treatment of diseases such as fungus, acne, psoriasis. For the treatment of psoriasis, doctor fishes that arised in the Mesopotomia region for the first time in history, are working as as therapists of this disease. Here, they are some of the cure programs that we can have in this spa hotel:


Psoriasis Treatment:  6 Days  12 Days 19 Days
Fish Pool  14 Hours  28 Hours  42 Hours
Peloid Therapy 4 12
Balneol  4 6
Hydrotherapy                         6 9
Thaladerm                              6
Heliotherapy                          6 12 19
Colon Hydro Therapy  1 1 1
Dr. Consultant   2 3 4


Jet Shower 2 3 5
Affusion Shower Massage 2 3 5
Classical Massage  1 2 4
Thaladerm                                2 3 5
Hydrotherapy                            3 5 10
Balneol                                    2 3 6


 BALNEOTHERAPY                      5DAYS                  12DAYS                 19DAYS

** Compreansive balneotherapy at spa hotel thermamaris which is prescribed and supervised by the doctors specialist who are fullyresponsible for its successfıl course. After the initial checkup and diagnosis the attending doctor will compile a balneothrapy program, individually for every patient.

Body Peeling  2 3
Segmentel Massage    3 5
Thaladerm                                      2 5


1 2
Balneol                                             3 5
Termo Slim Down 2 5
Hydrotherapy   5 10
Jet Shower 4 8


Face Care  1 1 2
Face Massage  1 1 2
Body Peeling    1 1 2
Classical Massage  1 2 3
Manicure - Pedicure   1 1 1
Balneol         1 2 3
Peloid Therapy  1 2 3
Affusion Shover Massage     1 3 5
Hydrotherapy     3 5 10
Aroma Bath  1 2 4


***In these contex of programs such as anti-cellulite, beauty etc... are available if it is required.